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Rehab Centers in Augusta, GA For Alcohol & Drug Addiction

There are 10 rehab centers near Augusta. 4 offer drug and alcohol detox. 5 offer intensive outpatient care. 3 are residential rehabs. 1 of them offers payment assistance.

Rehab Centers

Hope House

Hope House Augusta

2205 Highland Avenue, Augusta, Georgia 30904

706-737-9879 | Visit Website

Hope House provides prevention education, evidence-based treatment, and support to individuals struggling with addiction and possible co-occurring mental illness or poverty. They work specifically with women and their families to create healthier relationships and home environments.

Women with younger children are allowed to bring them to treatment. Women who are pregnant are given top priority for admission at Hope House. 

Key Details

Accreditations: DPH
Facility Type: Private
Programs: Residential, IOP, Sober Living
Payment Options: Payment Assistance

Steppingstones to Recovery

Steppingstones to Recovery Augusta

2610 Commons Boulevard, Augusta, Georgia 30909

706-733-1935 | Visit Website

Though Steppingstones to Recovery only offers outpatient treatment options, they do work with different inpatient and detox facilities and refer their clients based on need. Treatment is provided to individuals struggling with addiction as well as mental illness. The staff at Steppingstones believes that addiction begins with social experimentation but that certain genetic factors can actually cause that experiment to turn into a dependence and then addiction.

For clients who have completed their program, they are offered a guarantee that if they relapse within a year of treatment, they can come back for a refresher relapse prevention course for free. 

Key Details

Accreditations: Georgia DCH & CARF
Facility Type: Private
Programs: IOP, Outpatient
Payment Options: Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, Self-Pay, Sliding Scale

Jones Behavioral Health

Jones Behavioral Health Augusta

114 Pleasant Home Road, Suite A, Augusta, Georgia

706-364-3209 | Visit Website

Jones Behavioral Health helps individuals struggling with substance abuse through a variety of different forms of counseling. These “challenge unhelpful thinking patterns” to help clients develop healthy habits and skills to pursue new, positive goals. They are also offering telehealth services for those who would feel more comfortable attending therapy from the comfort of their home. 

Key Details

Accreditations: Georgia DCH
Facility Type: Private
Programs: Outpatient
Payment Options: Medicare, Medicaid, Military Insurance, Private Insurance, Self Pay

Serenity Behavioral Health Systems

Serenity Behavioral Health Augusta

3421 Mike Padgett Highway, Augusta, Georgia 30906

706-432-4800 | Visit Website

Serenity Behavioral Health works with people of all ages who are struggling with substance abuse, mental illness, or developmental disabilities. They provide high-quality care to help clients form healthy ways of living so that sobriety becomes attainable outside of treatment. Most of their individualized treatment plans are going to include evidence-based therapies that target specific aspects of life.

Key Details

Accreditations: CARF
Facility Type: State Funded
Programs: IOP
Payment Options: Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Self Pay

Bluff Plantation

Bluff Plantation Augusta

963 Bennock Mill Road, Augusta, Georgia 30606

844-242-0806 | Visit Website

Bluff Plantation offers different levels of care depending on each client’s specific needs. They work with individuals struggling with substance abuse, co-occurring conditions, and trauma. Buff Plantation does partner with the Medical College of Georgia to ensure that their clients receive all of the care they need.

They typically combine evidence-based therapies, holistic treatments, and relapse prevention strategies in their comprehensive plans. Because they have doctors and psychiatrists on site every day, they are able to admit the most complex of cases and help people that many rehab facilities are not equipped to handle.

Key Details

Accreditations: The Joint Commission
Facility Type: Private
Programs: Detox, Residential, Outpatient
Payment Options: Private Health Insurance, Self Pay